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Reading Resources 4 French Teachers-join this Wiki and collaborate by adding your favorite reading resources. You can also just go and download resources. - theisent theisent Jul 21, 2009

World Languages 21st Century: This is a wikispace to collaborate and communicate on how our 21st century students can participate in the world community using the many tools of technology. Request to join and add your sites, blogs, wikis, tools. Let's collaborate to help each other help our students. - theisent theisent Jul 21, 2009

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Toni Theisen's LHS French Classes
Loveland-Matamata wikispace-a collaborative wikispace between Loveland, Colorado and Matamata,New Zealand-two French classes reading Le Petit Prince-see what we did and what the students did
MmePerkins UK French
Mme. Torres' French classes
Francés - IES Rodríguez French classes
Madame Howard's French classes PowerPoints for class
Mme Henderson's French Classes
Mme. Kim's French class Wiki